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we are people first LIn all walks of life there are different kinds of people. These people are usually defined by their personalities and that is what defines people. Here are three different people who work as a team running a website. This team believes that the content they share through their website plays a crucial role in changing people’s lives by enlightening them on various issues taking place across the globe. However, these people have different personality traits that sometimes lead to conflicts. We will examine their traits and how these traits affect their working formula as a team. Let us focus on their personalities.

Francis Cornell/head writer

A university student with a vision, Francis believes that written content means everything in this world. He is keen to look for new content to add to our website. Due to his efforts in looking for an interesting story, he sometimes can be a real pain. He also carries with him an air of over confidence that is mainly associated with university students of his age, but then again this is why Francis is at the top of his game.

Harold ‘Stingy’ Walker/Site editor

The main editor of this site is a retired business teacher who goes by the name: Stingy. Due to his extensive knowledge in business, he can be also annoying by trying to suppress stories which he deems are costly. Sometimes he is viewed as a person who frustrates the team efforts to publish the best stories. Personally, he is a nice guy who is after the team’s best interests while on the other hand, he is also the person who is holding the team back in their dreams to climb to greater heights.

Leon Peterson/online marketing

Another member of the team whose specialty is marketing is good old Leon. He can go to any lengths to make sure that his agenda or his idea sails through. He is the most annoying member of the team because he can lobby the members of the team one by one and they all side by him and his ideas. This guy has the ability to cause misunderstandings among the team members due to his excessive lobbying.

The team described above reflects how people with different personalities can work together to achieve a common goal. In this case, the scribe, stingy, and solicitor all have their weaknesses. However, it is through their weaknesses that they find their strength as team and achieve their goals. If let to operate alone, these members of the team would most likely fail, but their being able to tolerate each other and work together is what makes them successful. Be sure to send all your comments direct to us here.



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